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The Journey of a Lifetime begins February 19 at 5:00pm.  This is a study teaching us the principle of discipleship based on Jesus' model of discipleship. It is an intentional path of transformational discipleship. While most small-group studies facilitate transformation through relationship and information, these disciple-making resources emphasize the principles of modeling, practicing, and multiplying.

· Leaders model a biblical life

· Disciples follow and practice from the leader's example

· Disciples become disciple makers and multiply through Disciples Path


It is a progressive study. We are going somewhere—to maturity. This is not aimless wandering. These studies build on each other progressively.

It is a disciplined study. What happens between meetings is more important than what happens during them. At the end of each session there is a set of expectations that the growing disciple agrees to accomplish between meetings. At the outset of the following meeting, there is time for processing what has been experienced.


It is a relational study. For a person to become a mature disciple, he or she must journey alongside the person discipling them. As this journey toward spiritual maturity is experienced, the disciple sees the lifestyle and practices of this disciple-maker, asks important questions of that person, and is taught specific skills, truths, and principles that will be exercised for the lifetime of the disciple.


It is a replicable study. Paul had in his mind that a disciple-maker disciples someone who disciples someone who disciples someone. It's an ongoing process. The goal of every disciple-maker should be that the person who has been discipled then uses the series to disciple someone else. By using the same resources, even the first-time disciple-maker will be comfortable taking on this important but sometimes intimidating role.

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