On March 22, 2020 things radically changed for churches across the state of Louisiana. Things changed for First Baptist Hammond. For four weeks we did not meet together at all. On April 19 we began to meet together in the parking lot in a drive-in service. That was followed by an outdoor service. On May 17 we were able to begin meeting in our building once again. We also began Wednesday Evening Bible Study the following Wednesday.

When this all began, God was moving in our midst. Our church was growing. We were moving forward in the revitalization of First Baptist Hammond and seeing rather significant changes. Of course, that has slowed. While we have actually had a couple of new families begin attending during this time, we still have seen a significant drop in attendance as you might expect. Wednesdays before the COVID-19 impact we were averaging just over 30 people in attendance. Since then, we are averaging just under 12. In person attendance has dropped on Sundays as well, although not to the degree that Wednesdays did.


What happens next is really anybody’s guess. It’s a good thing that we serve a God who is not just anybody! We are looking to Him for answers to the question of “What’s next?” What is ministry going to look like when this pandemic is over? What is going to change for First Baptist Hammond? What will remain the same? All we want is what the Lord wants. Let’s seek His face to make sure we follow His plan perfectly through this pandemic and beyond. Let’s continue to “know Him and make Him known” which is our mission statement. Yes, it can be done, even in the midst of COVID-19!

So with the understanding that in the midst of craziness God can grow His church, let's work to that end. Continue to share your faith in Jesus. Continue to invite people to join our fellowship. Let's use this pandemic as an opportunity rather than an excuse! Below you will find the latest information on our services and our complete restart. 

latest news

September 9 First Baptist Hammond moved back to our full schedule. With the state entering Phase 3 reopening on September 11, we are able to meet comfortably in our Worship and classrooms. Below is our current schedule of services. Our Sunday morning services are streamed on Facebook Live in real time and broadcast live over Kajun 107.1.


Community Groups at 9:45am

Weekly Gathering at 11:00am


Supper begins at 5:30pm ($3.00 for adults, $2.00 for children)

Adult Prayer, Youth Bible Study, Children's Choir at 6:15pm

Adult Bible Study begins after prayer time

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Photography done by Mackenzie Sanders