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Your church will be forming a couple of new teams as soon as possible. Really, we are not creating anything new, just organizing and stream lining ministries that are already in place. First, we will be formalizing a ministry team. This team, led by a deacon, will make sure that our members are ministered to during a time of need. These needs include, but are not limited to, illness, benevolence, widows and shut-ins. Members of this team will be called upon to minister to those in need in a variety of ways. Really, all of us are members of this team, but we would like to have “first responders” in place when a need arises.

The second team makes sure that First Baptist Hammond takes the message that Jesus saves, and spreads it outside the walls of the church building. The Pastor will lead this team which will include a Media/Graphics leader, someone to oversee the streaming video ministry, a lead to coordinate the publications and a personal evangelism captain to give direction to that area.


Training and consultation will be given to anyone who would like it in all of these areas. That means that previous experience is not necessary. All you need is desire to be used of God in these areas and you will be equipped to succeed.


If you have questions or would like to be a part of any of this, please contact Pastor Jeff at jeff@hammondfbc.net or 936-465-3352.