August 23

Are You Ready for the Next Step?

In light of all the changes happening around us, are we ready for what God has for us in our journey of faith? We will consider this idea in this message with Matthew 4:18-22 as our text. 

August 30

Getting In Step with God's Purpose

In Matthew 28:19-20 we find the Great Commission give by Jesus to His followers. Has COVID-19 diminished the authority of this? As we will see when we examine this passage, it has not. 

September 6

Be Utterly Astounded

What is God going to do through us? A quick look back and a dream of what is to come will ignite our passion to spread the Gospel to our community and the world. Habakkuk 1:1-5 will be our text. 

September 13

Salvation Is Free;

Evangelism Is Expensive

A Biblical understanding of material possessions is vital if we are going to be used by God to reach the world. Jesus gives us clear teaching on this matter in Luke 20:45-21:4. This will be our text.

September 20

Commitment to Christ Changes Everything

What happens when a church or a group of believers sell out to the Lord Jesus? What happens to the world around them? Looking at Acts 2:38-47 we will see what can happen when God is in control of our lives.

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Photography done by Mackenzie Sanders