We have been invited by Spring Creek Baptist Church of Weatherford, TX to help them put on a sports outreach event July 12-16. We will be conducting volleyball and basketball camps during the week. In with the athletic instruction will be the presentation of Jesus as Savior and Lord! We need folks to help with the camps, cook for the team, assist in setup and cleanup and many other tasks involved in a mission trip. We already have professionals lined up to help with technical aspects of the sports camp. All we need now are missionaries who are willing to help these professionals create a safe, Biblical environment for the participants. We will leave after services on July 11 and return late July 17. The cost for this event is $150 plus lodging. This cost includes transportation, materials and meals while we are on the field. Your lodging cost will be left up to you and range from $0 for those staying at the church to $270/per person  for a double occupancy hotel room. 

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Photography done by Mackenzie Sanders