Not your typical Easter Series...

We know what Easter is all about…the death and resurrection of Jesus. But is it possible that there’s more hope and freedom for our lives right now than what we are experiencing in the day-to-day?
This is Love is a new three-week series we started on Easter Sunday. What we know if that God loves us – but what we could spend a lifetime discovering is just how deep this love is, and how powerful it is to transform us from the inside out.
And because Jesus didn’t stay in the grave, we see that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is God in His love freeing us from sin . . . God in His love overcoming death . . . God in His love announcing that one day a new creation will come.

Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we see the love of God. When we look at Jesus, we can say, “This is love.”

Ask a friend or neighbor to join you as we go through this awesome series together!
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