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Psalms is a book for all seasons, because it speaks to every area and every season of our lives. It’s a collection of praise and anguish, joy and sadness, triumph and defeat written by different authors in many different situations over hundreds of years. It is truly a unique book that has brought encouragement and hope to millions of people over the centuries. Summer in the Psalms is a sermon series that will encourage, inspire, and meet you through the timeless wisdom of the Psalms.

The secret to happiness
psalm 1
June 11

let the skies speak
psalm 19
june 18

restful words for a busy summer
psalm 23
june 25

finding your joy in the lord
psalm 32
july 2

in the pits with a king
psalm 40:1-3
july 9

for the next generation

psalm 78
july 16

the song of moses
psalm 90
july 23

sing, sing, sing
psalm 96
july 30

a thin place
psalm 122
august 6

don't eat the bread of anxious toil
Psalm 127
August 13

how to argue with god

psalm 143
august 20

praise the lord
psalm 150
august 27

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