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Go and Tell

The resurrection solidifies the power of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is not a story we keep for ourselves. It is a world-changing truth that is for every soul to hear. We want to share this good news, this best news ever, with as many people as possible. This idea aligns with church mission statement, "to know Christ and make Him known." We simply want to share the love of Christ and His gospel with others.

Jesus is alive! All those who place surrender to Him will live forever with Christ. This is good news we should all Go & Tell.


There are people all over the world who do not know this truth. There are a number of people in our community who have not surrendered to Jesus. In this series, coupled with On Mission Hammond, we will see the Lord shrink that number! 

Go & Tell: from Small Beginnings
1 Peter 2:1-8
September 10

Time to Make a Change

Luke 13:1-9
September 17

Why Should We Go & Tell
Matthew 28:19-20
September 24

How to Go & Tell
Luke 24:36-49
October 1

The Ability to Go & Tell
Acts 1:1-14
October 8

The Fulfillment of Go & Tell
Acts 2:1-41
October 15

After We Go & TEll
Acts 2:40-47
October 22

The Gospel we Tell
Romans 6:23
October 29

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