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We call our small groups "Community Groups" with the tag line "a place for you to belong."

We are a downtown church with an upward focus. Keeping our focus on Jesus is easy when we are sitting together in corporate worship. But what about the other six days, twenty-two and half hours of the week? How do we focus on Christ during those times? Well, one of the strongest aspects of First Hammond is community groups. Downtown is where people come to meet for fellowship, dining, shopping and a host of other things. Our community groups are where the people of First Hammond meet to enhance their walk with Jesus. There is plenty of fellowship, ministry and Bible study in these groups; enough to help you stay focused on Christ throughout the week. Most of these groups meet at 9:45 am on Sunday mornings at the downtown location. However, we have groups that meet in Ponchatoula and Baptist. Other groups are starting regularly, so check back often for one meeting in your area. We have different group types that meet. 


Sunday Bible Study Group—These groups meet for Bible study on Sunday mornings using an ongoing dated curriculum. Groups are determined by attendees’ needs and choices. Sunday Bible study groups have a set curriculum to follow that takes them through the Bible every six years.


Discipleship Group—These groups meet for one year. Discipleship group leaders work for the intentional spiritual growth of group members with the intention that each group member will lead a discipleship group the following year. Discipleship groups have an established curriculum that they work through during the year.


Accountability Group—The duration of this type of group can be different for each group. An accountability group may meet for several months or several years. The purpose of this group is for the individuals to hold each other accountable, to encourage and challenge one another towards the measures, and to grow in Christlikeness.


Book Study Group—These groups typically meet during on Sunday evenings for a duration of six or 12 weeks, but can meet at any time. The group promotes relational growth typically focused on a life topic.


Support/Recovery Group—These groups are ongoing for people going through specific difficulties. Support/recovery groups typically meet throughout the week. The purpose of this group is to provide support, in a group setting, to others going through personal difficulties and a place to go when crises happen.                

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