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Worship at First Baptist Hammond is more than music, more than a gathering, more than brief moments together in a service. Worship is a lifestyle that is lived out in spirit and truth with every opportunity presented. With that belief at heart, our weekly gatherings are just an overflow of our worship throughout the week.


When we come together with others in corporate worship, our passion is fueled. Music is a vital part of the corporate worship experience.

We are working hard to build a dynamic Music & Worship Ministry here at First Baptist Hammond. We have a vision of excellence in music from our littlest ones to preteens, students and adults. Part of that vision is weaving the true meaning of worship into every area.


While we are in the early stages of developing this ministry, there are opportunities to serve. If you desire to help lead the church in praise, then join the First Baptist Hammond Worship Choir! If you are a musician, we can really use your gifts as we are praying and working to put together the First Baptist Hammond Praise Band. If you have gifts and are called to work with children in this area, we would love to discuss those possibilities with you as well. 

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