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WHy Jesus?

Jesus is an amazingly attractive, utterly exasperating person. And each of us needs the opportunity to decide what we think of him. Wednesdays, beginning October 25, we will be studying Jesus’ character, especially as he interacted with his followers and confronted his enemies and detractors. Jesus came to Israel in the flesh. Now he comes to us in the Gospels.

But why should we take Jesus seriously? Is he not just one of many religious teachers? Why should we pay special attention to him? The answer is clear: he made some startling claims. If they are true, they apply to us as much as to his first disciples. If we are to be honest in our search for truth, we have to take him seriously.

Jesus is His own best case for who He is. So “come and see” is the best single approach for us to take to get to know Him. That is exactly what we will be doing with this series of Bible studies.

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